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Toyota’s Attractive Design With Class-Leading Safety Tech

The demand for OOH campaigns has been constant through the years, thanks to tech advances combined with the traditional benefits of real-world ads, OOH is even more powerful and a cornerstone of any marketing and advertising campaign. Outsite Media Agency has established Toyota as a key OOH client in Egypt and it was a successful partnership because of the precise understanding that the key to identifying and implementing OOH effectively is creativity. OOH ads leverage digital advertising to get the brand message heard across a bigger platform, making OOH a very powerful tool.


Brand: Toyota Yaris 2021
Ad Agency: OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

Role: Developing and implementing an OOH media campaign
SoW: Media Intelligence | Media Planning | Industrial Design | Innovative Production | Media Buying | Campaign Management | Monitoring | Reporting
Location: Greater Cairo | Alexandria | Main Roads | Attraction Destinations
Date: April 2021
Season: Spring | High-Season


To brand and position Toyota’s new Yaris according to the market’s preference of sporty styling with powerful performance through a catchy and creative OOH campaign that encourages potential customers to make a sustainable automotive choice.



The outdoor advertising market was saturated to a high extent with automotive campaigns and there was fierce competition on the roads, however, the campaign was launched at high-season and went in harmony with the extent of OOH presence on the roads. With our SoW and fully dedicated team, accurate market research was done and the most creative, achievable, and cost-effective ideas were implemented.


The campaign was brought on the roads by the leading outdoor media provider OUTSITE OOH. With an extended portfolio of success stories with Toyota on Cairo’s billboards. Outsite has always been a key partner for the automotive brand with precise management and strategically appointed locations that hit the target successfully by reaching the desired segments and guaranteeing maximum traffic with high frequency exposure.