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We set our targets and we made sure to maintain the right capacity and time to fulfill it on time, and this is the reason we developed two main stages for the strategy.

The Game-Changer 2020

Competitive markets are fertile soil for advertising, and OOH had been and will always be an ATL media that reach more and faster, which city that has not travelers on its roads! Cairo is one of these huge cities with spidering network of roads, and dozens of big brands racing to reach the city population that goes over 23 million… This market consuming numerous ideas every year, and brands are always striving for new ideas to capture the attention of their customers and send the awareness in the right time, and this was the reason of setting our vision to help all that brands need to continue their success and without repetition or copying ideas, Why? simply because if you do, definitely your brand on the ramp down! We’re on time to fulfill our 2020 strategy as to be recognized in the market as the most innovative agency and the market game-changer, every campaign, project, or even small piece of work expressing our innovation and it is a step forward into fulfilling the strategy.

OOH Next Generation 2025

Every industry merely evolved within the last 2 decades, the telecom keeps racing the time to provide faster information and content transfer. The digital trends entering every field even the very offline activities, the social media made it much easier than before to reach people whoever they are friends, family or even customers. OOH media was dangerously threatened within those last two decades, it survived in the active markets by developing its techniques, but the development in the emerging markets wasn’t as fast as the rest of the world, hence the market capacity mostly bigger in emerging markets. However, OOH is easier and ensured access to the lower community segments that have no access to other online media, but the returns and revenues’ definitely are not as big as the market capacity, the huge capitals moving slowly in the emerging markets.

OOH media should go digital virally, and it is not about the signs, it is about the process of the industry in every segment to guarantee fast and monitored outcome that emphasizes the returns, which reflects on every local market and national economies… Yes, we are applying a modern and fast business model to the OOH media industry in the MENA region by 2025.