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An Exciting New Era for Corolla Delivered

It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in the out of home advertising space. As we move into a new decade, the automotive industry is becoming understandably excited about what the future holds for real-world advertising.
Toyota, being in official partnership with OUTSITE OOH Media Agency since 2019, successfully executed a combination of OOH tech advances with the traditional benefits of real-world ads which has made the world of OOH unavoidable for many marketers and advertisers in Egypt. We took a detailed look at the industry and what it might look like in the coming months and years.


Brand: Toyota Corolla 2019
Ad Agency: OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

Role: Developing and implementing an OOH media campaign
SoW: Media Intelligence | Media Planning | Industrial Design | Innovative Production | Media Buying | Campaign Management | Monitoring | Reporting
Location: Greater Cairo | Alexandria | Main Roads | Attraction Destinations
Date: April 2019
Season: Spring | High Sales Season for Automotive


To introduce and raise mass awareness on the all-new 12th generation of the Toyota Corolla, to replace the C-HR promotion from the prior month. Through OOH media, positioning the brand among the industry pioneers was possible, driving accelerating sales.



The duration of the campaign was during a high-season where the market was saturated with automotive campaigns. There was also a limited time frame compared to the overall scope of work which aimed to find the most creative, achievable, and cost-effective ideas.



OUTSITE Media Agency chose the only guaranteed strategy which concerned applying creativity into every visual and stage of the campaign. Changing the traditional OOH media planning was a success, providing a massive coverage across a wider range of geographical locations with the highest traffic rate. It was a blast branded scene for Toyota on Greater Cairo’s prime billboards.