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Bringing Toyota’s SUV Fortuner Facelift To Egypt

Toyota, being in official partnership with Outsite OOH Media Agency since 2019, came back for a new Out-Of-Home campaign regarding its latest 2022 model; The Fortuner Facelift, with a clear vision to create an effective media plan that provides strategic marketing that is bound to position the brand as one of the pioneering automotive companies in Egypt. While Outsite focused on creating brand identity, image, and equity, as well as producing creative visual content, Outsite OOH Media Agency gathered the ability to consider an even wider scope of creativity and innovation to come out with the most effective and efficient OOH campaigns. The campaign was widely distributed and was able to achieve both long-term and short-term goals due the novel and contemporary techniques used to execute the campaign.


Brand: Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2022
Ad Agency: OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

Role: Developing and implementing an OOH media campaign
SoW: Media Intelligence | Media Planning | Industrial Design | Innovative Production | Media Buying | Campaign Management | Monitoring | Reporting
Location: Greater Cairo | Alexandria | Main Roads | Attraction Destinations
Date: March 2021
Season: Spring | High Sales Season for Automotive


The main objective is to promote and advertise for the Toyota 2022 SUV Fortuner Facelift and proceed with the Japanese automotive tycoon’s success in Egypt, with efficient media planning and a striking OOH advertising campaign focusing mainly on accelerating sales and enhancing brand loyalty. Another objective was to maintain the brand as the pioneering automotive entrepreneur in terms of OOH and strategic marketing schemes.



One of the major challenges that Outsite was able to overcome was the fact that the OOH market was completely saturated with automotive campaigns, however, the cooperation seemed to be going in harmony with the frequency of brand existence on the roads which was increasingly noticeable. The campaign launched in prime OOH time, which assisted in gaining customer retention and attention. Despite the extent of competition in the market, Outsite Media Agency was able to produce an outstanding OOH campaign with a fully dedicated team, as well as gathering efficient market research that enables us to find the most cost-effective, achievable, and creative OOH ideas,


Our media intelligence expertise assisted in finding a guaranteed strategy that proved to be effective to implying the most innovative ideas in the campaign. The OOH campaign used a concept that has gone viral, making Toyota the most bought car in Egypt in 2021. OUTSITE Media Agency changed the common way of brainstorming, coming out of the box with a wider range of OOH geographical locations, prioritizing the ad faces on the highest traffic roads of Greater Cairo, It was a blast branded scene for Toyota’s SUC Fortuner Facelift 2022 launch.