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Taking Egypt’s Automotive Industry To The Next Level

Brands and products that seek creative content, increased brand awareness, and strongly established brand equity, need to think and plan beyond visual creativity, especially in the field of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising. Outsite Media Agency considers creativity in all its scopes, in order to produce efficient and relatable campaigns. Putting this into consideration, we have managed to execute and implement contemporary and innovative media plans for this campaign, a widely distributed one, effective to hit long and short term goals, and not just one.

Brand: Toyota C-HR
Ad Agency: OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

Role: Developing and implementing an OOH media campaign
SoW: Media Intelligence | Media Planning | Industrial Design | Innovative Production | Media Buying | Campaign Management | Monitoring | Reporting
Location: Greater Cairo | Alexandria | Main Roads | Attraction Destinations
Date: April 2019
Season: Spring | High Sales Season for Automotive


To promote and raise awareness on the new Toyota C-HR and proceed with the Japanese automotive tycoon’s success in Egypt through OOH advertising, focusing on sales to increase drive for more purchases. Positioning the brand among the pioneering automotive industry leaders of Greater Cairo was also our main focus point, increasing overall brand loyalty through professional marketing schemes.


The campaign was released in a prime time frame, as the OOH market was saturated with automotive campaigns due to the high-season of vehicle purchases with summer nearly approaching. There was fierce competition on billboards and a limited time frame in comparison and contrast with our SoW, however, our clients’ goals were specifically met by finding the most creative, achievable, and cost effective OOH ideas.


Our media intelligence specialty assisted in making the right choice of the only guaranteed strategy, effective enough to induce and imply innovative ideas of creativity into every sector and stange of the campaign. The advert was brought onto Cairo’s roads by our area of specialization, strategic media planning, using a concept that has gone viral among the OOH advertising brands. OUTSITE Media Agency changed the common way of brainstorming, coming out of the box with a wider range of OOH geographical locations, prioritizing the ad faces on the highest traffic roads of Greater Cairo, It was a blast branded scene for Toyota’s C-HR launch.