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The First Zone Branding Ever in Egypt

Creative brands and products need creative awareness. Most of the professionals think only visually about creativity, which is not precisely correct. We think about creativity from many aspects, every scope of work within a big project can be creative in itself, like the great buildings made out of small breaks.
From this aspect, we managed to create innovative media planning for this campaign, a disruptive outdoor advertising campaign, effective to hit the many goals and not just one.


Brand: OPPO
Ad Agency: OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

Role: Developing and implementing an OOH media campaign
SoW: Media Intelligence | Media Planning | Industrial Design | Innovative Production | Media Buying | Campaign Management | Monitoring | Reporting
Location: Greater Cairo | Alexandria | Main Roads | Attraction Destinations
Date: September 2016
Season: Winter | Back to School | Black Friday | Pre-Christmas | Pre-Midyear Holidays


To raise awareness on the new OPPO F1 mobile phone, Focus on the main sales points to drive more sales, position the brand among the industry leaders, and increase brand loyalty over the competitors.



The campaign duration comes within a hi-season, the market is saturated with the mobile phone campaigns of the competitors, the limited timeframe comparing to the SoW and the goals, and finally, finding the creative, achievable, and cost-effective ideas.



We did chose the only guaranteed strategy, to imply creativity into every stage of the campaign, even the media planning, we invented the Zone Branding media planning concept, which is gone viral among the OOH advertising brands.
We changed the common way of thinking when it comes to OOH media planning, which is to cover a wider range of geographical areas, and focused the ad faces into two locations on the highest traffic roads in Greater Cairo, it was a blast branded scene only for oppo for about 24 seconds on 6th. of October Bridge, and the same on the Ring Road.